If you’ve landed on the site recently, you can see we have a new name! It was a long time coming for the studio but the time has come to officially announce our new name, Botos Photos! There are a few key reasons for the name change, mostly driven by SEO and the need for some new, upscale branding. I’m sad to see Brian Black & White photography go, but I’m even more excited about the new brand, Botos Photos!

A little history – Brian Black & White Photography was born from my Instagram account (circa 2014-ish) when I was almost exclusively taking black & white photos. It was a weird time. When I left the iPhone and really started taking more portrait style photos (thanks to my tried and true Canon 7D), I kept posting to the Instagram account and the name took off.

But something was just “off.” I kept getting calls and searches for “Black & White Photos” but that wasn’t all I could do. It seems like I was always trying to justify the name and while the logo was amazing (duh…) there needed to be a change. The only problem was – I didn’t have a good idea of my identity as a photographer.

Enter the PUSH conference last summer. With the help of some fellow photographers I was able to find who I was as a photographer and what made me “tick.” And with that I needed a brand that represented who I was as a photographer. Enter in my good friends, some drinks, and a golf outing. Joe, a friend and client, questioned me on the 7th green “Why aren’t you Botos Photos… seems pretty obvious,” and it clicked. I spent the next 20 minutes in the golf cart, buying domain names and redirecting sites. 

 That leads us to today and the official launch of Botos Photos. With the exception of Facebook (working on that one) you can now find us under the new name. Botos Photos specializes in Senior, Fashion, Portrait, and Couples photography. Staying true to myself – I offer a fun, fresh, and modern portrait session that lets you be you. Take a look at the new branding below – I can’t wait for you to see what’s to come.