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I’m Brian! I’m a lifestyle photographer in the Loveland, Ohio area serving the Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky area specializing in senior and fashion photos. I’m a dad and husband to my amazing family and when I’m not behind the camera – I’m with them fixing amazing meals (just call me home chef) and spending time just being a Dad. I believe in giving you and your family the most genuine and authentic photos with a contemporary twist that you’ll treasure forever.

You can check out my Instagram or you’ll find me at the hockey rink trying to stay cool and work off all those cookies I love.



How did you get your start?

As a graphic designer – I’ve always had an eye for photography. From a young age, my fathers camera was always in my hands and I love the idea of capturing those moments. As time progressed (and technology), I was able to purchase my first camera in 2014 and it’s been love ever since. I’ve been studying and shooting with some of the industries top photographers for years, learning the craft and developing my style.

Do you only shoot senior photos?

Nope! I work with families, couples, and I love photographing newborns as well. I also have some corporate clients that I see for headshots and corporate events. If you ask nicely, you can see my wedding work, but it’s by ask only. 😉

Do you have a certain style?

ABSOLUTELY. Take a look at my work, it’s not like anyone else in the area. I love fashion and I love looking/reading high fashion magazines. I incorporate a lot of that New York / LA style into my work while still capturing you and your personality. I like to call it  fashion with a twist. 


I’m from West Chester and went to Lakota East High School. I used to walk to The Cone and eat ice cream every summer and I was very odd in high school. I’m cool now, I promise. 


I’ve played hockey since I was 6 years old. I played in college (for a brief time) at the University of Cincinnati and I still play hockey today. It’s probably my #1 passion next to photography. Go Penguins.


I LOVE TO TRAVEL. My wife and I have been to Hungary, Chech Republic, Austria, Iceland, St. Lucia, Dominican Republic, and a whole host of places in the US. I hate flying, but getting to our destination is so much fun.


If you’ve been around me for more than 10 minutes, I love food. Especially cookies. I’m also a self-proclaimed foodie. If you ever come to the studio there’s a good chance I will have some sort of food on set or even better, Donna’s cookies. I’m not apologetic about it. 

... Working with Brian has really helped me be more confident in myself. I've always been somewhat insecure about myself, I'm also very picky! In the beginning, when Brian and I had shoots I would say I pretty much hated all the photos! I know (it's) a little harsh, but that's how I felt. He told me that I needed to stop doubting myself, he told me that I needed to be more confident in myself. He is an amazing photographer and just about any picture he takes turns out amazing, so the pictures were always good. It was me just being insecure."

-Haley Loveless

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