Had so much fun and the pictures turned out amazing!!


-Sarah Peter


Class of 2020

Brian is so fun and easy to work with. He’s flexible, kind and caring, works well with teens.  We had a blast!”

-Denise Breiner

Mom of Jenn Breiner, Class of 2020

Brian was so nice. He made me laugh the entire photo session.

-Danni Levi

Class of 2020

... Working with Brian has really helped me be more confident in myself. I've always been somewhat insecure about myself, I'm also very picky! In the beginning, when Brian and I had shoots I would say I pretty much hated all the photos! I know (it's) a little harsh, but that's how I felt. He told me that I needed to stop doubting myself, he told me that I needed to be more confident in myself. He is an amazing photographer and just about any picture he takes turns out amazing, so the pictures were always good. It was me just being insecure."

-Haley Loveless

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