Holy smokes! It’s been a big year at Brian Black & White Photography. Not only do we have 5 Senior Model Reps, a (almost) full time model coach, and access to a studio now – WE HAVE A NEW WEBSITE! As the brand evolves and the Be Different campaign is in full swing, we needed a website to match. The goal was to keep the brand consistent (I’ll talk about branding in a future post) as well as have something that really stands out from the usual – here’s a dump of all the photos.

I invite you to take a look around and share the site with all of your friends. While this isn’t my full time job (yet) there’s always that opportunity on the horizon. If you find anything wrong – please let me know! Shoot me an email brian@botosphotos.com and while your at it, sign up here to stay in touch about all the new things we have going on, and sales / promotions too!