I think a lot of people throw around the term “boutique” and have a different meaning for it. Really – it’s a small “shop” that sells luxury goods. The key here – luxury. At Brian Black & White Photography, I strive to provide you with a luxury experience right from the start. I’m not the cheapest photo studio in town, but it’s our goal to be the best! I only take a limited number of clients each year because I want to be sure that I’m with you every step of the way.

Today I want to cover what the studio offers and what you can expect when booking your session with me. Let’s get into it!

  1. Pre-shoot consultation

It starts with the pre-shoot consultation where we begin to talk about YOU. We have a conversation about what you want and what kind of session/locations fit you best. You’ll receive a welcome packet filled with tips, tricks, ideas, and this year’s Black & White senior magazine filled with what to expect for your session.

  1. Hair + Make Up included

That’s right. Except for the base session, hair + makeup is included with EVERY photo session. Doesn’t matter if you’re a guy or a girl, get ready to be styled from top to bottom. You will arrive at the studio about 1 hour prior to when we are going to start photographing and the Hair and Makeup artist will meet us to get you prepped. We turn on your favorite music and prepare to get pampered.

  1. Unlimited outfits and locations

I won’t timebox your session. You have the option to change as many times as you want until it gets dark out and we can’t photography anymore! The same goes for locations.

Most photo sessions last 3-5 hours depending on the time of year and locations. This includes travel time from location to location. Before your session, we will plan out what locations and in what order to go, starting from the studio and working outward. Most clients prefer to start in the studio with a small mini session there and then move to outdoor locations. The sky is the limit (no really – hot air balloon anyone?!)

  1. Post-shoot photo review/print selection

After your amazing photo session with me, I invite you back to the studio and we review all the photos that I’ve selected at the “top” photos from your session. I create a slide show, usually of 100+ images, that you can view. From there we pick the top 15 – 30 photos as your final senior photos.

At this time you and your parent will also pick which images you want me to send to the photo lab for printing!

  1. Custom designed graduation announcements 

Just because you have your prints doesn’t mean we are done. Before you graduate, I offer free, custom design services for your graduation announcements/postcards. Having a background in graphic design allows me to design a truly custom and unique graduation announcement that no one else will have. You can come back to the studio and we can sit and choose photos/design the announcements, and order on the spot.

Being a boutique photo studio is hard but is worth every step. This is your senior year and I want to help make it truly memorable for you AND your parents. I can only do this because I only take a select number of clients each year and only photograph on select dates. This allows me to offer you exceptional services that I know you’ll love! Hope to get a chance to meet each one of you this year. Welcome class of 2020!




-Danni Levi


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