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 Her first cry, his first steps, the first time they say, “I love you, Mommy.” Her first walk to the bus, his wave goodbye, and the big hug when they come home. His first big game, her first heart break, you were there for them. It’s all been all leading up to this moment.

Let us make sure this last big milestone is treated with the same care and attention as all the other ones before.

The Studio

Come and experience the amazing looks we can create in the studio with professional lighting, backgrounds, and props. Our studio is packed with everything we need to create unique, one-of-a-kind looks, all in one space. The Botos Photos studio is equipped with a changing room, make-up counter, lounge area with TV, and amazing workspace for us to create your look!

Let’s meet for coffee, or on Zoom – it’s up to you. I want to get to know everything about you and what you want in your personalized photo session. This is our time to decide where you want to have your photos taken. The Studio? Downtown? The Beach?

The Consult

Hair & Makeup

Get Glammed Up! Our team of hair and make-up artists will make you look and feel your best with professional hair and make up. You’ll arrive to the studio before your session and relax while you get camera ready. The make-up and products will last throughout the entire photo shoot and won’t wear off, ensuring you look your best the entire time.

The Shoot

Time for the fun! We’ve worked hard planning and getting your outfits coordinated, now it’s time to show off in front of the camera. Worried about posing and looking good? Don’t. Our years of experience will help guide you into the right positioning and looks to make thoses photos POP!

It’s a lot of fun and smiles on set as we turn up the music and create amazing images. The fun continues as we take some of the studio set up to the next locations. I promise, you’ll want to keep taking photos for hours.

The Reveal

It’s my favorite time – showing you what all the hard work we’ve put in looks like. You’ll come back to the studio and view your images in our lounge area, complete with cookies! We’ll go through each photo one by one and start building albums, canvases, and wall art that you can’t wait to show everyone.

You’ll also get your digital media package at this time where you can start posting to Instagram and TikTok all your favorite looks. I can’t wait for you to show off these images.

It’s almost like Christmas, just without the crazy Aunts and Uncle’s. We will hand deliver all the products you ordered and bring them to your home wrapped in our signature black paper. Need help hanging that canvas? We have you covered. We will unwrap all of your new photos together and find the best spots in your home to display these amazing looks.

The Delivery

Collections Start at $850.

Let’s build your custom Senior Photo Experience together.




-Danni Levi


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